Do you need a wedding planner?

Do you actually need a wedding planner?

Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and it can be a stressful event. It is one of the most important days in anyone’s life where everyone gathers to celebrate your commitment to each other.

If you actually love planning events and it sparks joy for you, then you will love planning your own wedding. And you will probably not need to hire a professional wedding planner.

But if you are a time-poor professional and the thought of planning a wedding seems like an overwhelming task, then maybe, just maybe, you should consider hiring a professional wedding planner.


Planning your wedding should be a fun, enjoyable experience. If planning a wedding fills you with a sense of dread, then you should hire a wedding planner to help you on your way.


The time-poor couple

Many couples these days work long hours five or six days a week. Starting work when the sun rises and coming home as the sun sets. They come home mentally and physically tired. These are the only times they have left to plan their wedding. Or they plan their wedding while they are at work which may or may not be ideal. A professional wedding planner will help those time-poor couples and get them started in the right direction.

If your wedding is out-of-town or a destination wedding, then it can be equally tricky for couples that work full time. A wedding planner can help you source those amazing local suppliers.

One of the best features of a wedding planner is that they are in the wedding industry and they have worked with nearly every supplier on the day. So they can give you advice and give you a short-list of wedding suppliers to use.

It is so much easier to choose from three amazing caterers or florists than it is to choose from hundreds. They narrow down the choice and you can choose your favourite.

So like all things in life, you may not technically need a professional wedding planner. But they will, without a doubt, make your wedding journey a much more enjoyable and fun.